SANDY M Profile PhotoHello and welcome!  I am fashion illustrator SANDY M and this is my official website, including a new SHOP and blog.

I am known for creating illustrations that portray glamour, fun and style, painted in watercolor on Arches watercolor paper, often with touches of ink to accentuate details. My illustration style is: fashion illustrations of sophisticated girls painted either with no background or within a backdrop of someplace we all dream of being: a luxury hotel in the city, for instance, or sitting at a cafe in Paris, perhaps lounging by a pool or at the beach, shopping in a pretty boutique, at a chic party, in a fabulous room in a city penthouse, standing in a formal garden with sculpted hedges around ... the list goes on and on and I love that the possibilities are endless!   The girls in my illustrations are always wearing something stylish and often have a pup on a leash that is just as chic!  I also often illustrate feminine accessories and items we all love: handbags, perfume, shoes ... all the details!  In my new SHOP you will soon see my illustrations available for purchase on a variety of items, including limited-edition prints, notes, blank journals, wrapping paper and more.  Currently, the 2015 SANDY M Fashion Illustration Calendar is the first item, available now!

SANDY M Studio Desk I also work with individual clients and companies, creating custom illustrations for their needs.  Some of the places you may have seen my illustrations may have been on perfume packaging, within the pages of a book, featured in a magazine, on a store website or blown up to life-size on the wall of a spa or boutique, among others.  I have created for clients in fashion, fragrance, interior design, publishing, luxury hotels and more.