You’ve arrived at oohlafroufrou,
the official site of fashion illustrator SANDY M With a portfolio of custom illustrations
commissioned by names in the fashion, fragrance, book, hotel and design industry,
SANDY M has become well-known for creating fashion illustrations
inspired by all things luxe, chic and beautiful.
The name of the site "oohlafroufrou” is, in fact,
a whimsical phrase created by the artist to describe
the things she finds magical that inspire her work.
The chic women that are the stars of her illustrations
often have a backdrop of fun and glamorous places
that we all dream of visiting …
and, all the while,
they are wearing the fashions we’d all love to wear.
Soon you will be able to shop limited-edition prints, cards, journals and more.
Currently, most of the categories in this new site and blog
are under construction (coming soon!)
but we have launched the site early
specifically to introduce the just-released
2015 SANDY M Calendar
as the first item available for purchase in the shop!
Go to SHOP to view and purchase the calendar,
as well as individual prints of the calendar illustrations.